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You Are My Shining Star Untitled Document
Female, 18. Living Life(: Ethinicty: Filipino and Italian. Don't be shy to message me anything;)
Literally stood out in the middle of the street in the super pouring rain to get this shot. Photography  got me doing crazy things lol I love photography
Got a star map app to look at the stars without going outside since ive been wanting to go look at stars but have no one that wants to go with me :( #ilovestars #starapp #iwannagolookatstars
Yay yay yayyy!! (: this will keep me busy for awhile lol #myloveeee #kingdomhearts
Found my pikachu headphones! Lol and the obsession continues (: #ifyouknowme #ilovepikachu  #iknowitseveryonesfavorite #whatever
Before/afterr lol i kinda wanted it a little shorter but i still like it x)
Bloop :p
Gave my dog a bath a midnight cuz I bored and felt like it lol he’s all clean now (:
One more week till my birthdayyy. lol time to start playing this playlist to try to get excited

Sleepover + boredom = random weird faces.  #cousinlylove #wereweirdtogether #pikachu

Sup lol #ilookweird #awkward #photoshoot #shoedaca